What is Ajax auction?

Ajax Auction is an online hub of exciting and fast-pace auctions. Every moment we sell top branded products at an incredibly low prices in auctions. To become a Ajax Auction family you need to register by buying minimum of 20 bid. Everytime you hit the BID, counter resets back to a maximum of 22 seconds. If no one bids and the counter reaches zero, u will be the WINNER.


When does an auction end?

An auction ends when the auction clock reaches zero and when people stop bidding on an item. Our auctions are completely interest driven; some may go on for hours while others will end after only a few bids. It often depends on the website traffic and the popularity of the item up for auction. A note about the auction clocks: As you may have noticed by watching the site, some of the auction clocks get close to zero and then increase again. When an auction is in the zone that is, when there are less than two minutes remaining on the auction clock — any bid placed will increase the clock by 3-30 seconds. This gives other users a chance to respond and bid again if they wish If nobody else bids by the time the clock says GONE, the auction will end.


What are my delivery charges?

Shipping charges are located at the bottom of the details page. You can reach the details page by clicking on the item up for auction, then going to the bottom of the screen. The charges shown upon winning an auction are for delivery to addresses within the continental United States only. Please note that if you live in Alaska or Hawaii, there will be additional shipping charges on items you win. If you have a P.O. BOX, please contact customer service to make alternate shipping arrangements.


How will I know when I have reached my win limit?

A pop-up window will appear after your win, notifying you that you've hit your limit. If you are close to your 30-day limit of 2,000 bids, you may get a warning pop-up if you try to bid on a Bidpack that would cause you to exceed the limit. You may still be able to bid on smaller Bidpacks. Limits are calculated on a rolling basis, taken from the most recent 24 hours or 30 days of your history. As older wins drop off, you become eligible to bid again.